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Some Bizarre Food World Records

Largest Meatball on Record

The current world record for the largest meatball was roasted up by the Columbus Italian Club (USA) at the St. John’s Italian Festival in Columbus, Ohio (USA).  The meat and spices were mixed in batches of 50 lb.  It was then refrigerated and later

Cooling Colleen’s Meatballs by swanksalot, on Flickr
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moved to another location where it was cooked in a special made oven.  The end result was a gigantic meatball weighing in at 1,110 lb 7.84 oz!  That’s 5,926 times larger than a normal 3 oz meatball.


Super Sized Salsa

Jacksonville, Texas (USA) is home to the largest tub of hot salsa ever concocted.  It was made during the 26th Annual Tomato Festival on June 12, 2010 and weighed in at 2,672 lb.  Man, could you imagine the size of the chips that comes with? lol


Chili Con Carne Diablo

At the Broad Street Market in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (USA) a pot of chili con carne to the sum of 1,438 lb 5.1 oz was cooked up by the Keystone Aquatic Club (USA) on July 18, 2003.


Gargantuan Cheese Slice

A piece of Stilton cheese that weighed 243 lb 9.7 oz was weighed in at Long Clawson, Leicestershire (UK) on Sep. 20, 2011.  It was created by the Long Clawson Dairy (UK).


Record Breaking Hot Dog

Gorilla Tango Nevelty Meats (USA) created a monstrous hot dog that weighed 7 lbs.  You can actually buy one of these bad boys for $89.95 USD as of Dec. 2011.  This dog is made of veal, beef and pork.  It’s 16 inches in length and has a diameter of 4 inches.  It’s said that one of these puppies can supply a meal for 40 people!


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