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Excessive Vomiting, Is it Possible?

Alright, I know, this is kind of a sick subject, but there really are some interesting facts about this odd thought. Most people probably haven’t put much thought into this, but how many times can a person vomit in an hour? Well, let’s take a look at a certain condition that suffers may vomit up to twelve times in an hour.

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What is Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome

There is an actual medical condition called Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome or CVS. Of course you know all things are referred to as initials these days, so had to throw that in.
CVS is a condition in which the people afflicted may vomit as much as twelve times in an hour, that’s once every five minutes. Sometimes this behavior may last for weeks at a time and I’m sure it can hinder ones social life something terrible.
While this isn’t a constant condition, there are periods of time that the condition is not active. During this time they won’t show any signs or symptoms of their condition. Normally there’s a set pattern to their episodes.
This condition was first discovered in 1882 by a Dr. Samuel Gee. According to doctors, this condition normally develops in children between the ages of three and seven. Although the condition starts to show it’s signs in younger children, it can continue on into their adult years.
Some patients diagnosed with CVS may have very severe symptoms while others are not so extreme. So it can definitely vary from person to person.

What Causes CVS

There really isn’t any documented cause for CVS, but some believe it may be related to migraine headaches. There is generally a history of migraine headaches in the family line of those that are suffering from CVS, and both conditions are quite comparable to one another.
Both migraine and CVS sufferers have sudden, intense symptoms and some may overlap each other. Between signs of sickness there may be short periods where they feel just fine. Most folks that have this condition say the symptoms are quite predictable and usually include illness, stress, certain foods, excitement, anxiety and also panic attacks.

Treatments for CVS

Normally a simple prescription of rest and sleep are recommended during an episode, but many sufferers will actually learn to control their condition.
Since frequent vomiting may cause you to become dehydrated and decrease your levels of electrolytes, patients are often prescribed pain killers and anti-nausea medications as well.
Vomiting may also damage the esophagus due to the stomach acids that come up with it. The damage to the esophagus that is done, may cause blood and stomach bile to become present in their vomit as well.
I don’t personally know anyone with this condition, but it sounds similar to crohn’s disease, or at least some of the symptoms do. Hopefully this post may serve someone in identifying their condition if any of the symptoms sound familiar. If you are getting sick often and one of your symptoms is vomiting, then the best thing is to drink plenty of water, as soon as you’re able. This will prevent you from getting dehydrated.
Do you know anyone that may have this condition or if you have more information to contribute to this, please comment below.

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15 thoughts on “Excessive Vomiting, Is it Possible?
  1. I’ve always feel like vomiting especially in the morning. But I guess it because of my cigar habit.. Nice post btw.

    1. Interesting Aldemon, is that a normal thing for cigars to cause that? Possibly due to drainage in the sinus during sleep? Now you’ve got me curious!

      1. Sorry I miss your update 🙂 was actually on vacation. Anyway I am not really sure but Dr said the same thing as you did. But normally It will start with some coughing, then I can feel the gas raising up from my stomach area then the feel to vomit came.. Actually vomited once or twice.. Anyway happy new year!

        1. Ahh, yes, many times even the common cold can lead to vomiting if the coughing is very intense. Must be a combination of the straining of the throat and the congestion that is coughed up may trigger it. That’s interesting about the stomach gases, I’m sure that doesn’t help either.

          and a Happy New Year to you as well!

  2. Well, gee. That’s just plain gross. I am especially paranoid about vomiting – even once every five years is too much for me. Hence, frequent use of Probiotics.

    1. Yah, sorry Rob, I know it’s not the best subject, but I hold no punches when it comes to researching odd topics. I’m with you on despising having to vomit. I can’t actually remember the last time I did, it’s been a couple of decades probably.

    1. I’m certainly sorry to hear about your family. It must be a horrible condition to suffer from!

  3. It is possible to vomit more than 12 times in an hour, I unfortantently have first hand experiance with this condition and can nonstop vomit for 20+ min.

    1. Wow, I’m sorry to hear that. Do you have CVS or was this an isolated incident? 20 minutes is quite a long time to have to deal with that!

      1. I have CVS, there have been time where I will nonstop puke for close to an hour. It really sucks.

        1. Man that’s terrible, it doesn’t seem to be a very common condition, usually associated with migraine headaches. I appreciate you sharing with us, and I hope you are having better days as of now.

    1. Thanks so much Colleen for leaving those good resources in the comment. This is a terrible affliction and I’m sorry your family struggles with it. I will follow up with your resources to learn more about this.

      I appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to leave us a comment.

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