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Odd Random Thoughts is now a Commentluv blog

We use the Premium version of the plugin and all links are dofollow enabled. Commentluv is the best wordpress comment plugin on the market and we highly recommend it to anyone with a comment enabled blog.

Please try to add something to the discussion with your comment.  We are all here to engage in discussion and to have a good time. The website address you enter when commenting will be linked to your name, so please do not post extra links in your comment and no affiliate links. Posting is not meant for advertisements.

Ways to get 10 Post to Choose from using Commentluv

If you want to have 10 of your recent blog posts to choose from, then you may share the post via the Commentluv share buttons or register on the site.  You will also have 10 posts to choose from by having 15 approved comments on the dofollow blog.

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2 thoughts on “CommentLuv-Dofollow-Enabled
  1. I have just recently come across the CommentLuv thing. I understand that it is a wrodpress plug in. But, can you provide more aabout it. What benefits to the blog and what benefit to the poster. I also saw one that said it would post my latest blog – what does thaat mean?

    1. Yes Joseph, Commentluv has rapidly become a must for all bloggers. It was created by Andy Bailey and has only been around for a little over a year, but as you can see from your post above, it gives you some luv back to your own blogging site.

      For instance on my blog, if you register to become a full subscriber, then the commentluv plugin will give you the option to choose between your latest 10 blog posts to add to your comment. This gives you a backlink from my site. Plus you can opt to have all commentluv links set as dofollow for the search engines, which is how I have it set. Meaning the search engines will index those links, creating a true backlink to your site.

      For the blogger running the plugin, it helps to encourage legitimate comments and to discourage spam. It’s a great plugin and I encourage all bloggers to use it. You can either purchase the premium plugin for $97, which come with all kinds of extra goodies, or you can download the free version.

      Find out more about it here

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