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Amazing Animals of the World Pt. 7

Amazing Animals of the World Part 7
It’s week 7 in the Amazing Animals of the World Series. I enjoyed the videos from last week so much that I thought I would stick to that plan. I’ve got an amazing lineup this week, so I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Don’t forget to comment and let me know what you think about the amazing creatures.

Here’s a very cool creature that lives both in water and on land. Looks much like a walking fish to me!


Now this guy is a master of camouflage, it’s really amazing!


Here’s something that will really freak you out, I really have no idea what it is. Any ideas?


This last one is a doozie! I’ve never seen a shark like this before, they say it’s prehistoric, check it out.

That’s it for this week, some pretty strange and bizarre creatures huh? Leave me some feedback on these. I’ll be coming up with some more awesomely bizarre animals for next week, until then, enjoy.

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5 thoughts on “Amazing Animals of the World Pt. 7
    1. lol, too funny…

      Yah, some of these are extremely bizarre! Makes you wonder how they find those things.

  1. Is the carcass two animals? The rib-cage is back-to-front! Surely, that just wouldn’t work?

    I suppose it could be a politician with its head far up its own butt 🙂

    1. ROFL, I like your explanation of that weird creature! It is extremely odd having it’s rib cage upside down…lol

  2. The third one could be a lion that escaped from a zoo and died. It’s unlikely but possible.

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