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Amazing Animals of the World Pt. 10

Amazing Animals of the World Pt. 10
We’ve hit the big 10 folks. Yep Amazing Animals part 10 and this week I’ve got some really cool videos lined up.
We’ll experience a strange incident involving a snake and a centipede. You’ll never guess who wins this battle! This has to be the largest centipede I’ve ever seen!

Huge Centipede Fighting a Snake

This next video features a dude in a Kayak fishing. Apparently he gets snagged on something and when it breaks free, he’s got more than he bargained for on the end of his line!

Giant Octopus Caught from Kayak

This next one is pretty funny. This guy get attacked by a gigantic grouper. He’s struggling for his life to get out of the water, but never quite makes it…lol

Giant Fish Attacks Man

This has got the be the strangest creature I’ve ever seen. I have to idea what it is or if it’s a hoax or what. But it sure is ugly!

The Unidentified Creature

This last one is a very informative video on Poisonous Snakes. So learn the list and be sure to keep away from these Types of Snakes if you see any!

Top 10 Most Venomous Snakes

Alrighty folks, another successful episode of Amazing Animals of the World. Don’t forget to check back next week to see what Unusual Animals we’ve got in store for you.

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11 thoughts on “Amazing Animals of the World Pt. 10
  1. Dunno what to say. Some of them shocked, but also amazed me. I don’t think I want to see that big centipede, creepy.

    1. Oh I hear you. I would run for miles if I saw something like that giant centipede. I had no idea they even grew that large!

  2. OMG There animals are so fearful and I think it’s so dangerous. In these animals I think snakes are most dangerous than others if it could wrong and right plzz reply me…

    1. I’d say hands down as far as deadly bite, the snake would come out the winner. Preciate you stopping by!

  3. Truly amazing and interesting these animals. And who knows how many more there ..

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