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  1. Martin at |

    I already heard so many good references about Snail beauty mission that i’m even ready to try it myself)))hahah Well, i would rather taste them()))
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  2. yogesh pant at |

    well, the reptiles have been of great value for the humans for a long time.
    Be it for agricultural purposes or for the food.
    And now, for beauty purposes!
    Snails are really going to win the race!!!

  3. Peta at |

    I believe that in some Korean skin care products are also having snail slime as ingredients. However, I think I wouldn’t really use this because I hate snails :\

  4. Anh at |

    I would like to know if anyone could share how to get snail slime. I am tired of being searching for a method to get it. Thank you very much.


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