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  1. Prince Ramgarhia at |

    lolx i never knew this but it is very irritating..
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  2. ASH3Rbugz at |

    fun fact LOLOL

  3. Mark Dissel at |

    Blegh, that view you have on people in the train who picks their noses. I would shame myself to dead if i would be that person 😉 Nonetheless, great article!

  4. vkool at |

    Picking nose is a habit that many people have. Whenever I feel ichy in my nose, I put my pointer finger in and pick my nose. I know that it is not a good habit but I can’t stand the itch.

  5. jack at |

    picking your nose is a very disgusting habit and it should only be done in the privacy of your house. We know how that feels when we spot someone do it before they shake hands with us. Anywys thanks for such an interesting article.

  6. rajat at |

    hi thanks for this article this post was very interesting as well as well informative
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  7. salim akter at |

    ‘picking your nose will make it bigger’ is unknown information . Thank you for this post.

  8. Margie at |

    Intresting? Haha love oddrandomthoughts.com

  9. aquabreath at |

    ‘picking your nose will make it bigger’ this is nice and knowledgeable information thanks for post.

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  10. Jermaine at |

    Found this website while roaming though the internet. I have to say, this really peaked my interest and I like it.


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