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  1. Restaurants in Marathalli at |

    Thanks for sharing nice tips i hope everyone like it….

  2. Steve Rider at |

    I am interested in looking for more of such topics and would like to have further information. Hope to see the next blog soon.

  3. Online RSA at |

    I really used salt to my food it can really satisfies me the taste i wanted. Thanks for sharing your blog to us:)

  4. paradisebuilder at |

    very interesting

  5. discountcodes-online at |

    salt is useful in many way from ancient days.there are many form of superstitions in salt.it can be used as gift and used for preservative item.

  6. Laura at |

    I once brought my Nanna her dinner into her room. I was opt a young girl and I thought I would salt her meal with the salt shaker for her. She stopped me and she said “Self to Salt, Self to Sorrow” . To this day I’m not sure where the origin of that saying comes from and why she was extremely superstitious of someone salting her food. If anyone can shed any light that would be great.


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