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  1. Jackie at |

    err yuk ..seriously? LOL. If you have a sty on your eye …dab a drop on it and it’ll soon clear up. :)

    Jackie @ Minerva Collection UK Handbags

  2. Wedding Invitations at |

    i never thought about urine in this way :) Useful info

  3. mestalia at |

    lol…. well, if i’m thirsty i can drink my urine?

  4. @ Bankcard Sales at |

    Wow, I’ll never look at pee the same way again. I can remember when one of my high school teachers told the class that Some ancient civilizations used Urine as a form of toothpaste. That’s probably the only thing I remember from that class. LOL

  5. Evan at |

    There is a whole science that study urine, seriously. i even saw a book , a huge book about to to recover from cancer with urine therapy…
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  6. James at |

    lol. Part of my thinks this is the most useful post I’ve read, ever. The other part is asking me what the hell did I just read.
    Ashamed to admit, I want to try the beetroot, blackberry thing and see what color pops out.

  7. hikan sakura at |

    lol, i’ll never drink my urine, even though if it makes me more healthy 😉

  8. eddy at |

    OMG..i can’t imagine drinking my own pee. It’s like..it’s already got out of the body..so i don’t think my body need it anymore. Why would it be great for medication ?

  9. roy at |

    hey sorry didnt see anywhere else to submit this, please feel free to delete after you have read it Robert. I thought you might like to edit a typo though…

    Vitamin B supplements can cause urine to become bight yellow.

  10. Carol at |

    When I was younger and I did step onto sea urchin my grandmother asked my cousin to pee on my foot. I knew it was gross but I had no choice to aid the pain. My swollen and painful foot was gradually fading, somehow. I do not know the underlying reason behind it.


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