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  1. Thailand Travel at |

    There is a TV show named “The Embarrassing Bodies” and they had a segment about these while people were in Phuket Thailand. They showed you could even get worms by brushing up against a leaf or standing in doggie do etc.

    A Doctor did an Experiment by putting some on his skin and seeing how long they would take to burrow in and then end up in his bowels, via coughing them up and swallowing them, as you mentioned.
    He was feeling off colour for 30 something days.

    Lucky there is a simple tablet to rid them.

  2. Mayo Wedding Photographer at |

    I always liked my steak rare…. until now. Funny the lengths some people would go to to lose weight, I know it’s disgusting but if it was only left in for a certain amount of time until the target weight was reached and then removd very easily with a pill as the previous comment suggests, then maybe it is a feasible choice for some dangerously obese folk, as rank as that may sound!

  3. Runescape Membership at |

    That’s a weird way of weight-loss! I couldn’t imagine how it would feel to know there’s tape worms inside of you…It would gross me out completely lol. I think I’ll stick to diet

  4. Tim at |

    I wonder if you can feel the worms moving around in your intestines. Now that would be a freaky sensation


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