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  1. Printusher at |

    I dont feel it bad. May be the writer’s opinion is different. I am happy to see the writing skills of the writer how he elaborated the topic.

  2. yogesh at |

    well, they have to warn us as there are many laws associated.
    But, I dont think that there is any harm in swallowing a little bit of toothpaste.
    Indeed it is great for tasting!

  3. emmalinabelle at |

    I have had a loving devotion to toothpaste since having braces as a kid … I would always carry a small tube to school with me so I could ‘freshen up’ after lunch etc, actually, I ended up practically eating the stuff a little at a time – No harm done.

    Now a days – I don’t walk around with it, but I rub whitening toothpaste on my teeth every night before sleeping (not spitting it out)…. Still no harm done!

    However, I am waiting for the day to come when I get kidney stones painfully passing through my system due to fluoride build-up… That said, there’s more fluoride in our water than our toothpaste, so ….. Time will tell!

  4. emmalinabelle at |

    A build-up of fluoride can result in kidney stones.

    Years of consistently swallowing even small amounts of fluoridated toothpaste COULD be a cause of fluoride build-up.

    Hence the warning’s one would suppose?!

  5. mark at |

    I have accidentally swallowed toothpaste a couple of times and felt nothing. You would probably have to abuse it like anything else to expect bad results. Cool article.

  6. ketrien at |

    I do ingest toothpaste but for a certain reason. Have never gotten sick in any way at all. I take about 4 to 6 timesa day. That is within working hours. Have been doing this since age 19 am now going on towards my 50’s. Instead of eating chappies or running to the bathroom to go clean with mouth wash I just take a little tooth paste put in my mouth spread it all over my teeth and carry on working, fresh breath alt all times, asspecialy because I am in contact wit customers and coLlegues all day. I have a breath problem that gets bad at times and the tooth paste has always been the best selution. Have tried everything possable to rectify my problem to no avail.

  7. Caleb at |

    Swallowing toothpaste will not cause serious damage but it is always a good idea to rinse out after brushing.

  8. msafire at |

    So glad to have found your article as my daughter was concerned after eating an oreo her prankster sister had filled with some toothpaste in the center. I told her not to worry about it, grabbed one of the cookies and then after a moment realized… “Wait- that’s mint I taste!” and realized I too fell for it.
    (She really hid it in a hollowed out center!)
    So I was laughing as I started reading and ended still amused; with one child no longer convinced she was going to DIE as she had been dramatically insisting after she ate the maligned cookie!

  9. Sam at |

    My 2 yearold had swallowed some Colgate. Should I be worried? It was a small amount she put the wrong toothpaste on her toothbrush. While I was brushing it for her I noticed the smell and she had swallowed some before i made her spit it out


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