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  1. brock at |

    I am 16 years old and I squirted some crest into my mouth and I swallowed it am I going to die?

  2. Quentin at |

    I work in a facility for mentally ill adults. Recently, it has come to light that one of the residents is actually eating tubes of toothpaste. These are small tubes, like the travel kind, but she is ingesting a good number of them… like six or seven. Would this be enough to be considered lethal dose?

  3. Emma at |

    I ate some toothpaste yesterday. Took a little on my finger and Did it tree Times. Now i have Fever and i cough. Should i go to the dockor?

  4. Nell at |

    I have been swallowing toothpaste for about a year now, my god mother scolded me and told me toothpaste is poisonous, after swallowing, I get a bit dizzy, I’m worried now, will I die from this?

  5. Shahad Abdulrazak at |

    Hey am 15yrs old
    and I’ve been sort of addicted to the swallowing of toothpaste since I was 13
    Soooo I wonder what’s really going on with my body after the huge consumption.

  6. Gina at |

    Hi my fella has had heartburn for years and ate toothpaste to help control it not realising its toxic, now he has chronic fatigue syndrome and stomach problems and is very very I’ll every day even had heart attack at 37 tho that may not be connected he does seem to have a fast metabolism soo fast he’s badly underweight I read somewhere toxic flouride makes body get hyper thyroid ism sorry for spelling,
    could it be flouride poisoning ? If so what do I do to get it out of him so he recovers . Thank you in advance .

  7. Anonymous at |

    I had some 3D White today and I brushed my teeth 3 times in a row and I think I swallowed some and I alright?

  8. Bianca at |

    Hi i swallowed a bit of toothpaste earlier today my tummy is a lil sore and my throat is minty. Am i going to be okay?

  9. Antonette at |

    Hi! I just accidentally swallowed a medium amount of toothpaste today when I brushed my teeth. I also accidentally swallowed a small amount of toothpaste last night. My throat is minty I started to worry about this. Am I just going to be fine or should I go to the hospital? I’m 14 years old.


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