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  1. Nicolas at |

    Hi, i heard that when you brush your teeth with toothpaste you do swallow abit without realising it..even though it is a very small amount you would still be doing it morning and night for years so my question is do you think this can hurt your health in any way?

  2. james at |

    Hey Robert can you answer a question for me, I accidentally swallowed some toothpaste got stuck in throat couldnt get it out gma made me laugh so hard.I’m 18 and don’t have any energy could it be the toothpaste or just some out dated food I ate?

  3. PD at |

    My elderly mom has severe dementia and although I’m constantly reminding her to spit after the brushing, she has had at least a half dozen times in the last few months were she began vomiting shortly after brushing her teeth.
    I recently put 2 & 2 together and have determined that the toothpaste is the culprit.
    Now to find an alternative…

  4. Akbar D4 at |

    I am fourteen and while I brush I would use little tooth paste and would put water on my brush few times to dilute the foam a bit , some times I swallow tiny amounts of the dilute foam , bad for me at all? My tooth paste has sodium floride

  5. Mike at |

    Had to look this up out of curiosity. I’ve swallowed my toothpaste every single time I’ve ever brushed for over 30 years and never noticed any adverse side effects.

    I’ve never had a cavity. I never get toothaches and I don’t get the stomach issues that some sites list as factors. I wonder if the type of toothpaste I use just doesn’t contain enough flouride or whatever else makes you feel bad to affect me. I’ve always used “AIM Whitening Fresh Mint Gel”.


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